The most difficult time to be in a relationship as a guy is in your early 20s, where you are stuck between the limbo of figuring out yourself and who you want to be.

To compound your woes you have a girlfriend whom you love so much, as a guy you are frustrated at your inability to take care of her like you want to, no money, still working, still hustling, still finding your feet, still waiting for the prayers to be answered.

All of a sudden she starts acting up, no calls, slow chats, and so many hi, fine, k, nothing conversations.

One day she calls and ask where the relationship is heading to, like i don’t even known where my life is heading to, let alone our relationship. She drops the bomb, she met a guy who wants to marry her, she starts blabbing how age is not on her side (but you are 2* years old) and any unreasonable rational reason within her thinking ability. Do you love him? and she dodges the question with “he treats me well”.

Obviously she wasn’t asking for permission but simply telling you. being a good guy you wish her well. Weeks later the marriage invitation is out, the math’s is simple for every, fine, nothing conversation. Someone else was getting an essay from her, you can’t even blame her, you still a prospect and you don’t know what the future holds. Would you have made it or not? she has gone for the real deal.

Why wait for Arsenal to win the champions league, when you can easily support Barca, Real Madrid. While you were sending her airtime of #200 with a smirk on your face, someone else was giving her 20k for the weekend. Who waits for the prospect to be already made, most times you alone.

Then you go through that silent heart break guys go through the ones we don’t talk about. Your heart is broken in to confetti. In this hall of fame you unceremoniously and unconsciously entered host of young guys who has not found their path in their early twenties… to be continued.

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