I Am Becoming


I will not dwell on the illusion of pride that I am perfect

Nor will I embark on the futile quest of seeking the perfection of an evolving world and people

I will not mask in the ensnarement of hope

Neither will I hide in the disguise of universal Love

The perception of the foolish in this regard is proportional to the disappointment that comes with Reality

Why obstruct a flowing river in the name of building a dam for the greater good.

Am sorry, Did you think I was perfect? Do you love me because you think I am?


I take it back, I am not sorry to disappoint you , how can I be? when my flaws and falls are the lessons that make me; .

How can I be apologetic for the scars which marks my struggles, victories and trophies.

What is thrill of perfection without the adventure of becoming?

I chose to stay true to my evolving Be-ing.

I am a flowing river, ripples of unfoldment, calmly breaking through the hardest rocks and softening new grounds.

Call me imperfect and I ll smile at the limitation and shallowness of your opinion and twisted mindset.

My developing mind though can not picture perfect but I am absolutely thrilled by the thoughts of it.

I see no shame in admitting that I am not perfect; I am becoming.


Thanks to M O J for sharing this with us,

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