Is Marriage The Ultimate?


I am not against lady getting married in school or at young age. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a free world and we all have the right to make our choices. I have discovered that some ladies have been forced into early marriages as a result of unnecessary pressure from family and friends.

Once a lady is at verge of graduating, the talks begins.. comparison starts, she hears phrases like “can’t you see Chichi she just got married, NK self has been engaged” and blablabla…….

Is it a crime for a lady to be ambitious.. to have dreams. it is quite unfortunate that we live in a society where people think it’s not so cool for a woman to be self accomplished before marriage. They will tell you ” if you too make yanga, you go old… u know say woman be like flower o”

Oh c’mon.. I quite agree that women shouldn’t be too selective… but my point here is marriage shouldn’t be seen as the highest form of achievement.. so if I want to do something else… like pursue my career to the fullest, do something that will make me happy, I should give it up cause I wanna get married at a tender age?

Some might say… one can still marry and achieve all their dreams… yea, you’re right. but don’t you think it depends on the man you are getting married to??? not all men are supportive.. some might not want you to do the things that gives you fulfillments of your career. And oh, because the man is the head of the home and you’re meant to be submissive at all times.. you have to listen to him for peace to reign. I shouldn’t be happy and fulfilled? what about me? Don’t I have the right to achieve great things.. why should men be scared of approaching me when I’m made? why do they have the mentally that accomplished women do not make good wives and can’t be submissive?

Different strips for different folks. It’s all about our priorities thou, if settling down is your priority… there is absolute nothing wrong… in fact it is a good thing as long as you’re ready in all ramifications, and as for you that doesn’t want to be forced into marriage, I hope it’s for the right reason like trying to achieve something first… nor be say u just dey select up and down and dey make shakara when u know u have no ambitions or dreams whatsoever..

Please… the female child should not be put under undue pressure or bullied to marriage at a certain age…. beside, e nor easy to see man o… I mean, man when ready.

Everybody has their own time…aunty A’s luck is different from mine so please no comparison. Besides, nobody wants to settle for less…sake of say all my friends dey marry nor be say I go marry just any man when approach me…. there are things we are looking out for.

Same way a guy or man would not just marry any woman. he must have seen what he wants.

These are just my thoughts.. express yourself with a comment.
Thanks to Nuella for sending this in.
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140 thoughts on “Is Marriage The Ultimate?”

  1. Annabel says:

    Marriage is never the ultimate, after all according to the Christian doctrine, there’s no marriage in heaven.
    Women no longer want to go after their dreams because they re afraid of what people might say. God help us all.

  2. Fortune Moses says:

    I was just sharing with a friend yesterday about marriage. Like the pastor will always say marriage is an institution you don’t graduate from. Hmm the best thing that can happen to a man is getting married to a good woman cos the woman you marry will either make you or Break you. Ladies pls don’t get me wrong cos daz d truth……

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