That Girlfriend


I am that kind of girlfriend; who doesn’t want too much and I bet I’m not the only one.

We are just okay with what is being offered and ask for things either we can afford or our parents can give to us. We don’t make unnecessary demands on irrelevant things, and we do the right things and leave the rest for God.

We are those kind of girlfriends who would cook for you, maybe without even asking because for us, that is the role of a girl in a home.

We are those kind of girlfriends who believe in love; any amount of love shown to us is greatly appreciated and returned because we are taught to love and that is the only way we know how to do it. We don’t believe that a guy can be a player because we go with the notion that people will treat us the way we treat them.

We are those kind of girlfriends who trust and remain faithful to our partners because to us relationships are sacred and should be honoured, respected and treated with a great deal of seriousness and commitment.

We are those kind of girlfriends who go with the notion that a grown man can change regardless of the attitude and character he exhibits. We pray for him and show him love whenever he acts out of the ordinary because that’s the way it’s supposed to be. We forgive any wrong done to us and hope it’s going to  be the last. We tolerate everything with a smile and a hope for a better tomorrow.

We are those girlfriends who buy gifts for our partners even though we have never really gotten one either on our birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any occasions, but we don’t worry about it because we believe he loves us enough to be in a relationship.

We are those girls who would love to flaunt him over and over and never relent to say we are in a relationship whenever any other guy approaches us, whether the new guy is better than him or not; we are just contented with our life.

We are those girls who only get a well-constructed text message on our birthday and we would gladly save the text on our phones for as long as possible because to us words are everything and we treasure them forever .

We are those girls who classify other girls who gets cars, flowers and perfumes as gifts as lucky people but have never pictured ourselves being in their position because that would be asking for too much. We just accept what is on the table.

We are those girls who believe in God and believe that He gives us what’s best for us.

Those girls are the ones who are easily dropped or rejected over any little thing. We watch them walk away from us, while they do those nice things for the next girls. We just watch and get our hearts broken everyday.

We are those girls who have given up on life and love. We sometimes get angry with ourselves over how much being nice and doing things the right way have really destroyed our joy.

Those girls carry a huge burden of pain along with them and try not to let it show, so they focus on more important things, either in church or at work.

Those girls cry every night with no one to console them other than the silence of an empty room, looking for answers from places they can’t find, talking to God or letting it out in their diaries.

I bet you those girls have had their share of pain and they are strong, determined and ready for events of life.

I have been that girl, but it happened a long time ago and it happened in a different way… I would share the story someday.

Do we have some of these girls amongst us? Use the comment box to express yourself!

Thanks to Precious for sending this in……………….she’d like your honest feedback. You can also send in your short stories….

128 thoughts on “That Girlfriend”

  1. Fortune Moses says:

    Hmmmm so interesting…. But do we still really have such girls? I will really love to meet one

    1. iteyephilips says:

      You will surely

  2. Annabel says:

    Being nice and modest is a mistake I have made,I bet guys like the other girls,but then I wonder, how can I be different when this is who I really am.
    I can’t be anything else but loving cos in love I was formed. Then I ll wait for my turn,God is never partial. Don’t ever give up on love

    1. iteyephilips says:

      Being nice and modest is never a mistake, you just have to wait for Prince Charming.

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