When Suicide Calls


You know her??
I doubt, let me try describing her

Her skin is coated with dark pigment of sores, horrific sight

Her eyes is the meeting zone where Lucifer keep scores of saws that rips your flaws into tiny particles of gulps, with her retina retaining your self worth
An eye contact with her would only mean an Extreme degradation of self esteem

Her nose is an oxidant of depression
From a distance she can perceive your pain
Then she comes like she’s a friend, promising to grant you haven while you burn through hell in loans and alone
she inhales the fragrance that accompanies your tears and exhales tiny droplets of reward laced with chains to grip as many that gets entangled

Her chest is thorny
you go to her for comfort and she pierces you inexplicably till your spine feels the impact and relapses

Her hand is the root that habours all victims
she draws you close, pretending to wipe your tears
then she dips her tiny sticks that progressively formulate her hand into your eyes
her aim is to blindfold you from seeing her in the light of who she truly is

Her leg?
There’s nothing descriptive about her legs for she doesn’t need to roam about to perform her enterprise
She’s only the devils tool, not his personal assistant
While the devil seeks for who to devour, she feigns spectacular qualities and seeks for who would get trapped

Her mouth?
She has got a ravaging smile, supported by her crooked dentition
Sprout to display it’s formation to be the chronological description of destruction
She snares on you , feeds on your weaknesses and gnarls in you
she’s a vampire in royal attire
predaceous in every sense of honesty
Her tongue spits brimstone and smashes your soul till you gasp for breath

Yes!!! Run from her!!!
She’s a friendly beast
her care is venomous
her love is noxious
her warmth is toxic
don’t give her attention for that’s all she seeks to gain territorial dominance over your mind
Giving you a wrong way to resolve the issues that occurred in wrong times
Making you see no reason to welcome tomorrow as it comes
Diminishing your self worth till you see yourself relinquish

Do not tell her your secrets, she would use it to spike you
Do not lean on her, she would reduce you to crumbs
Do not think of her, she would strangulate your thoughts
She would offer to give you the world when all she’s got is a hut
she would crush your world and cause you hurt
Aside the offering of pain and anguish, she’s broke
She’d leave you broken and you won’t even realize till your casket gets laid down six feets and you become the misfit

Suicide is selfish
she’s got nothing to give but has got something to take, YOUR LIFE
SHE would try clinging to you to deceive you into the demeanor of false complacency

When she knocks on the door of your mind, tell her it’s occupied
When she calls, don’t pick up
Don’t subscribe to her daily news update, except you want to be tagged LATE

#peace dah’ wordsmith

93 thoughts on “When Suicide Calls”

  1. Akpos says:

    Run from her, shes a friendly beast.
    Nice piece dah wordsmith

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