Write your story


Everyone in this world has a role set out of for him or her, a part to play, an act to fill, or so it seems.

We all have the idea knocked into our heads to follow a tailor-made road which has been made by society and the moment you derail, you are looked upon with scorn. Most times we move back to the part just to feel accepted and we end up being unfulfilled. Few take the chance to continue on their path, even with all the ridicule and sometimes the failure that might come up. It would not be easy and backs will be turned, but it gets to a point that others would just have to accept you for who you are and even begin to envy you for having the courage to do what a lot of people have been dreaming of.

It all begins with you, the first step is to know and accept yourself for who you are. It might be different from what the world wants you to be, but hey! It’s your life and your decision to make. The best you can do is make others understand why you are doing what you are doing.

Our life is like an open unblemished book; only you can decide to write in it. Only you decide if it’s going to be a fulfilled life or an unexciting one. Only you decide on which adventures to pen down and which lessons to note. Every once in a while, help comes our way. Accept it, but also be mindful so as not to be replaced as the hero in your own story.  Of course, there would be mistakes. However, there are also new pages to start over. Just make sure in all things, always do the right things and put God first.

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